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Weather Conditions
  Players, coaches and referees need to be prepared for the weather conditions and any change that may happen during training or competition. Coaches should also be familiar with the signs of hypothermia and heat stress, especially those coaching children who are more susceptible to extremes in weather.
Symptoms of Heat Stress
Heavy sweating
Skin flushed or cool and pale


Muscle cramps
Rapid pulse
Loss of consciousness (seek immediate help)
Symptoms of Hypothermia

Pale and waxy skin

Uncoordinated movements
Confusion / agitation
Slow, slurred speech
Strange behavior
Refusal of help
Slow, shallow breathing
In Warm Weather Conditions Check
Clothing is light coloured
Clothing is loose fitting

Clothing is lightweight

Players drink enough fluids
Players apply sunscreen to all exposed
    body parts
Players wear caps/hats if appropriate
In Cold Weather Conditions Check
Players wear adequate clothing
Clothing is not excessively bulky or heavy to
    restrict movement

Players wear polypropylene under the uniform to     reduce heat loss

During wet and/or windy weather players wear     waterproof and windproof tracksuits
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