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 Knee anatomy
 Introduction to knee      Arthroscopy
 Anterior Cruciate Ligament      injury
 Posterior cruciate ligament      injury
 Multi ligamentous injuries
 Meniscus Tear
 Articular cartilage injuries
 Chondromalacia patella
 Patellar Instability
 Knee Infection
Stiff Knee
 Other indications
Other arthroscopy indications for the knee joint
  It is a hypertrophied synovial fold due to overuse/sports. Removal produces pain relief.
Removal of loose body 
  Loose bodies due to  either Osteo Chondral Defect, Osteo arthritis, direct impact or synovial chondramatosis usually produce pain and locking of the joint.It is treated by arthroscopic removal.
PFJ/Tibio-Femoral Joint assessment
  To check suitability for unicompatment knee replacement.                                             

To check other parts of joint
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