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 Common Sports Injuries
 Management Of Sports      Injuries
Management of Sports Injuries
  Immediate injury treatment: Follow the R.I.C.E.D regimen
Rest reduces further damage – stop activity as soon as the injury occurs

Avoid as much movement of the injured part as possible to limit further injury

Don’t put any weight on the injured part
Ice cools the tissue and reduces pain, swelling and bleeding

Place ice wrapped in a damp towel onto the injured area – don’t put ice directly onto
    bare skin

Hold the ice pack firmly in place with a strap or bandage

Apply ice for 20 minutes every two hours for the first 48-72 hours
Firm bandage helps to reduce bleeding and swelling

Ensure that bandaging is not so tight that it cuts off the circulation or causes tingling or pain     below the      bandaged area
Elevation helps to stop bleeding and reduce swelling

Raised the injured area on a pillow for comfort and support

Keep the injured area raised as long as possible
  Diagnosis And further Management
  Consult a medical professional (Doctor or a Physiotherapist) for further investigations,     diagnosis and      appropriate treatment.
  Avoid harmful factors: (for 72 hours after injury)
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