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 Knee anatomy
 Introduction to knee      Arthroscopy
 Anterior Cruciate Ligament      injury
 Posterior cruciate ligament      injury
 Multi ligamentous injuries
 Meniscus Tear
 Articular cartilage injuries
 Chondromalacia patella
 Patellar Instability
 Knee Infection
Stiff Knee
 Other indications
Introduction to Knee Arthroscopy
  Arthroscopy is an endoscopic surgical procedure in which a small tube like instrument called an arthroscope is inserted into a joint with a small nick. Fluid is then pumped into the joint to allow the surgeon to thoroughly examine the knee and identify the real problem. During the procedure, the surgeon also can insert surgical instruments through other small pin holes into your knee to repair damaged tissues and cartilage or remove loose pieces. During the procedure which is performed under regional anaeshtesia the patient is awake and if interested can watch the procedure.
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Advantages of arthroscopy over conventional open surgery
  Less invasive surgery has benefited the patient by decreasing time to recovery

Pain after surgery


Surgical blood loss

Stay in the hospital
Removal or repair of torn meniscus.

Reconstruction of a torn cruciate ligament.

Removal Loose fragments of bone or cartilage

Treat damaged joint surfaces or softening of the articular cartilage known as chondromalacia

Treat Inflammation of the synovial membrane, such as rheumatoid or infective arthritis Treat abnormal             alignment or instability of the knee cap
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